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Imagine an ad-free browsing session! You get to surf the Internet with no social media ads. You get to use social media platforms without sponsored content. Sounds great, doesn’t it? To the consumer tired of nagging popup ads? Life without ads would, without a doubt, appear perfect. 

On the flip side, it would be taxing to get appropriate results from search engines. Some of the most accurate results in SERPs are sponsored. Without Google Ads, these would not exist anymore. Also, it would mean that you’d never learn about new, relevant pages and products on social media. Why? Perhaps because sponsored social media ads would be nonexistent.

What about those creating a social media marketing strategy? This would be the biggest nightmare. Lack of ads would make it very taxing to target consumers and sell products and services to them. It would be nearly impracticable to get the word out there about your brand. In fact, only the big, established brands would dominate the market.

The Significance of Google and Social Media Ads for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Imagining a world without Google or Social Media Ads makes one start appreciating them more. As well as their use to the entire Internet Sphere.

Here are four reasons why a Google and Social Media Ads are significant in the modern, digital world.

Ads Make it Easy for Consumers to Find Services and Products

Google ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and other Internet Ads, make it easy for consumers to find appropriate services. Without them, consumers would be limited to only some service providers. It could lead to monopolies.

The ads provide a level playing field for marketers. So long as one understands the Google ad settings and the working of the algorithm, it is easy to create ads and target your audience to boost your business.

Ads Help Brands and Businesses Grow

In marketing, it is not all about making a sale; sometimes marketing campaigns are aimed at creating awareness about your brand and increasing your online presence. Without Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram story Ads, and other Ads, it would be very difficult for small brands to grow.

Irrespective of how small you are as a business, Google Ad settings and the other platforms have a provision that suits your budget and will help you promote your services and products.

Google and Social Media Ads are Cheaper Than Traditional Media

Without Google and Social Media Ads, businesses would be left with one marketing option. The traditional media. What would be the only options available? Newspaper ads, T.V commercials, Radio Adverts, Billboards, and local listings. These are very expensive, and most businesses wouldn’t be able to promote themselves. Thankfully, Google and Social Media ads are a cheap, accessible and easy alternative to use even for small businesses.

Ads are the Reason We Enjoy Free Content

Without Google Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, and Instagram Ads, creators wouldn’t have a means of earning from their work. They would, therefore, be forced into charging consumers a fee for their content.

Because of ads, however, you can enjoy free content from creators, and in return, you will have to interact with advertisements on this content. Imagine a life where you pay a fee for every content you consume online?

V12 Strategies

There’s no denying that our modern-day revolves around digital advertising and marketing. And, it is practically impossible to go back to an era without Google and Social Media Ads. Whether you’re an individual or business and haven’t hopped onto the Google, Twitter, Instagram Story Ads and other ads, you are losing out on a lot! But, it’s never too late. At V12 Strategies, we can help you analyze your current social media marketing strategy and advice you on the best way forward. Call us today!