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Developing the perfect website design is an art. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then we had better work hard at catching that window’s attention.  If the words garner attention and perhaps, keep our attention, how can we engage our eyes? There has been a lot of research done on color, pictures, resolution, and design – all focused on getting and keeping a reader’s attention.  

It is not enough to just say “that looks good”. That might have worked in the dial-up days of banners and click buttons. However, today you are competing against smooth colors, elements with cool 3D components and transitions that seem to move seamlessly. Additionally, this takes some REAL expertise.

Where to begin? What to look for? What works that I may not think would work – but does. Website design is a carefully planned dance between the sight of color and light and text.  Not so many words as to wear out your reader, but not so many pictures and colors that your reader forgets why they came to your site in the first place.


Teaching your potential customers to trust you starts right at the website. Is it linked to the things they need to know and will be interested in? Does your website convey your professionalism, passion, and reliability? When moving from page to page, are your customers sure they will still be handled by you and not sent off on some wild goose chase?  

In a study done at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 46% of customers visiting websites discern the credibility of the company by the website’s design. This includes font size, color scheme, layout, and site navigation. In an instant, you have made your first impression. Additionally, almost half of your customers notice your website design. They need to know at that critical first look that they can trust you. Otherwise, they will click away to your closest competitor’s site.

Website Design and Color

There needs to be an appealing color and shape to your website. This establishes a good relationship with your reader’s eyes. Think, for a moment, about what draws your eys to something. You’ll notice that it is most often color. It’s what draws your eyes to the billboard in the middle. It’s what moves your attention to a scrolling Facebook ad. Color is why you stop in a magazine that you are flipping through. It conveys many things. Research has shown, through studies with millions of people, that with color and design people make up their minds about what you are.

The Power of Different Colors

Red is a color that stimulates appetite and evokes a strong emotion. It seems to increase passion and intensity. Red creates urgency and is often used for impulse buying or safety warnings.  On the other hand, blue is associated with peace, calm, tranquility and water. Preferred by men, it represents calmness and serenity. Often, blue is used in offices to create a peaceful work environment. Furthermore, it creates a sense of security and trust in a brand. Perhaps this is why Facebook has used it for years as the foundation of their brand. It is part of what makes us feel ‘at home’ on their platform. 

Orange and Yellow, while exciting colors to work with, are aggressive. They are often used for caution and may seem offensive to customers. However, Hooters, IKEA and Harley Davidson have used these colors to their advantage. With skillful marketing I am sure!

Carrying This to Your Website Design

The design of your website must be clean, straightforward and intuitive. Your customer should be able to navigate from screen to screen effortlessly. Don’t have things that need to load, or include unnecessary information. Get the data from your host as to how many people go to what pages and then beef those up. Perhaps, delete the ones that get no visitors. If no one is looking, why keep that information? 

Use your own photos. The times when we used canned pictures of anonymous people doing things at a desk or standing around the water cooler are gone. Today, we all hold the capability to take pictures of what we do. Shoe what you REALLY do – your passion and the unique characteristics of your business. This is your first impression to people surfing around your site. You want them to see YOU and the gift you bring to the marketplace. Your web design professionals should be able to convey the enthusiasm you bring to your business through those pictures. Invest in that first impression.


Our minds are constantly trying to make sense of our world. They are categorizing things and giving things labels. They make sure some things are filed under “Dangerous” while others are labeled as “Safety”. Our brains are always working to create order of what we see around us, and your website falls in that category. Our website, by design, should soothe our brains. They shouldn’t make us work too hard to make sense of the message. Our titles should refrain back to our message and our subsequent pages should reference our menu options. Additionally, our colors and fonts should all mirror each other. They should not scare our reader into thinking that he clicked away from our site, that their attention is no longer valuable to us.

Web development can smooth those transitions and get to the bottom of what you are trying to convey on your site. Do you want readers to become customers? Does your site need to supply existing customers with knowledge and improve their relationship with you? Don’t mix up pages of free advice given to people who aren’t buying what you are selling. Perhaps your website is just a resource. Or, if it is the storefront for your products and services, then don’t hide your products deep within. Six clicks on your site to make a purchase is too many. Give products on your site center stage and promote your visitors to buy, buy, buy! 

We Can Help!

Strategies for your online presence is critical to the success of your business. There are so many avenues that can help your business or hurt your profitability if not done right. You want your potential customers safe, supported and successful. V12Marketing can help smooth your transitions and sort out a color scheme and design that comforts and supports your visitors. We can help you display a firm, competent and trustworthy site for your business.