Summer is closing in and with it comes a whole host of potential benefits and pitfalls for businesses. For e-commerce retailers, for instance, sales tend to get notoriously low due to vacations while brick-and-mortar stores enjoy booming sales during the entire season. Whichever category your business falls into, summer offers a unique opportunity to get a lead on the competition while they are taking time off. Although that might sound super easy, it’s imperative that you approach your marketing strategies with extra energy and creativity. But have no fear, that’s our area of focus. In this summer marketing guide, we’ll enlighten you on how to get your strategies ready before this season.

Get Your Marketing Strategies Ready For Summer

Marketing Strategy: Know Key Sales Dates

It is common knowledge that summer brings with it some holidays. These include Father’s Day – June 18, Independence Day – July 4 (USA), Labor Day – Sept 4 (USA), and Halloween – October 31. While it’s vital to focus on all the important sales dates throughout the year, these key holidays provide the perfect opportunity to influence shoppers’ buying decisions. Offering free shipping or gift ideas for goods particular to the holiday, for example, may work magic for you.

If you don’t carry products for these sales dates, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in on the festivities. There are lots of other marketing strategies to make your products/services relevant. Giving loyal customers gifts and freebies is a good example that might work to your advantage. A themed pop-up promotion on your website can come in handy, too. You just need to get your offer, create a high-quality marketing copy, a crafty design; and you’re good to go.

Amp Your Social Media Presence

Of course, summer is all about fun – barbecues, beaches, restaurants, vacations, and more. Your customers are spending a lot of time snapping and sharing those fascinating moments. Why not show them how much fun your brand is having, too? You can post photos and videos about the summer barbecue party or the company’s team softball games on Instagram or Snapchat. By leveraging the power of social media, you will increase your chances of engagement and brand awareness during the season.

Support the Communities

Every summer, we all look forward to the beautiful weather, the outdoors, and that sweet smell of sunscreen. With the schools closed and most offices empty, this is a time when graduations, weddings, cultural festivals, block parties, sports games, fundraisers, and all kind of celebrations take place. These occasions present the best chance to amp your brand. By sponsoring these events or just attending, you’re able to promote your brand or meet prospective clients. If no occasion is taking place nearby, however, organize your own. Consider partnering with other businesses in your neighborhood to host an event that’s fun for the community. This can be great publicity and bring in more business.

Partner With a Social Influencer

With plenty of festivals, trips and all kind of activities, summer is an excellent time to pair up with a social media influencer. A good way to do this is making plans to sponsor a shopping spree for the influencer. Other ways of partnering with influencers may include having them post how cute or useful your product is or letting them take over your social media account while on vacation. Whichever influencer marketing strategy you choose, you’ll be surprised to see how your brand will spread like wildfire.

Setup Your Summer Marketing Strategy

While summertime is a good time to relax or tour the country, carefree is the last thing you should be when it comes to your business’s marketing strategies. But have no fear, our team at V12 Strategies can help you implement a go-to marketing strategy for every season. Try us today, and you’ll find out why businesses turn to us for every on-site promotional need.