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If you are a true worshiper of superbikes, it’s obvious you know about the premium two-wheeled Ducati monsters. These motorcycles are engineering marvels that full of power and sophistication. What you probably don’t know is that the company has had quite a tumultuous journey achieving this feat. They were a repeated target of Allied bombing in the second world war. They almost shut doors more than once due to a massive loss of income from the attacks. Luckily for them, their creative marketing strategies have always saved the day.

A Brief History of Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati Motor Holdings SpA. is a quintessential Italian motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1926. Like any other prewar era automaker, they had incredibly humble beginnings. In fact, they did not make any engines or motorcycles until after the bombing (in 1944). This is when they started making motorized push bicycles. Through the years, they have managed to bring to the masses a wide range of bold superbikes. Thes include Diavel, Multistrada, Hypermotard, and Panigale V4, to name but a few.

It is novel that the company has been selling over 50,000 superbikes annually in a four-year streak. They have taken the lead in the superbike segment. But wait! How do they make this happen? Here’s what we can learn from Ducati’s creative marketing strategies


Of course, no one would be willing to pay a premium on a motorcycle unless they are convinced it delivers sheer performance, power, and style. That’s why Ducati has a deep commitment to racing competitions.

Since 1951, the Italian manufacturer has been an active competitor in some of the most significant motorcycle events around the world. In the Superbike World Championship alone, they have amassed over 318 wins, more than any other motorcycle manufacturer involved in the championship. These victories have played a significant role in promoting them as a brand as well as helping them woo more buyers.

Social Media

Maximizing interaction with riders and enthusiasts online is another marketing strategy that has positioned Ducati as an industry leader. On Facebook and Instagram alone, the company has over 5 million fans. Through these platforms, they share exclusive deals, executive offers, events, videos, tips for bike enthusiasts and any news that resonate with their fan base.

Besides, the Italian motorcycle brand has managed to establish over 400 fun clubs across the globe. The result? They continue to gain widespread popularity as well as an increase in sales.


Ducati is such a high-quality motorcycle brand. What’s unique about their superbikes is, they are hand-made by highly skilled workers. From time immemorial, the company has capitalized on quality delivery as one of their creative marketing strategies. They have built a reputation for designing sleek, high-performance superbikes, stereotypically cloaked in rigid fairings. Their aerodynamics are the reason why those with need and greed for speed feel tempted to buy as soon as they see one cruise on the highway.

Digital Infrastructure and Distribution Network

Above all, the company has positioned itself very well in the market by providing a robust digital infrastructure and distribution network. The company has factories in Italy, Thailand, and Brazil as well as subsidiaries in various countries including Japan, Europe, UK, and Asia. Each country or region has a dedicated website that helps riders and enthusiasts get all the info they need. As a result, they have managed to win the USA and Italy as their largest markets with Asia and Spain performing quite well.

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