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The Simplest CRM? None!

There is a movement out there that points us to do things the way all businesses do things - guided by CRM. Human resources, marketing, intellectual property, and contract development should all be done the way the big businesses do. They have already invented the...

Top Three Ways You Can Ruin Your Reputation

When it comes to reputation management, there are many ways to damage your company.  Doing your research and knowing when to beware can help when deciding what your go-to-marketing strategy should be. We’ve listed the top three ways you can ruin your reputation,...

Reputation Management – Because Reputation and Stock Fall

Branding for your company has never been more important than in the age of the internet.  One bad piece of PR can go viral and be all over the world within days, affecting your business’s reputation and your stock value in a big way.  Good reputation management can...

Building a Business From Scratch

So you have surfed the web, read hundreds of articles, and searched hundreds of websites. Perhaps you've printed out the information from “How to Build a New Business in 10 Easy Steps” and you feel as if you can effectively build a new business. Maybe you've secured...

Do I Have To Be a Morning Person to Succeed?

You may have heard that being a morning person allows you to be more productive. But, how true is this saying? For many people, being a morning person does not come naturally. Often, it takes creating a routine to wake up earlier than expected. If you are getting...

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