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We’re not a company that just emails you a “business strategy.” Our first step is to determine what you actually need.

Where your business is now vs where you want to be. Our strategies are based on over 20-years of experience and will get you a result no matter the business management issue. We guarantee it.

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How is your current business strategy?

What if you found a place where you get a specifically detailed breakdown of what, why and how to go about managing your business? With a custom business strategy and realistic expectations.

What if you could be confident that you are on the right track in regards to solving the core problems of your company and had everything at hand so you could take action with the minimum amount of time? And, the best methods to go from where you are now vs where you want to be?

V12 Strategies specializes in custom created business strategies that resolve some of the primary problems that prevent growth.

There is a way to grow your business. We can help.

Effective management is the core of business success.

This, plus a quality good or service to market, is the perfect combination for success. Since you as a successful business owner understand that, let me ask you this:


Why do companies struggle with getting good help?


What can a company do to be found?


In a world of "buy it online" how does the local company scale?


With rising insurance and business costs, how do you turn a good profit?


How do you manage your marketing and online presence and do everything else?


What are the keys to work life balance?

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