The Real Cost of Marketing

Are you paying for marketing or is marketing paying you?

Marketing is the core of business success.

This, plus a quality good or service to market, is the perfect combination for success. Since you as a successful business owner understand that, let me ask you this:

  • Why do companies and individuals buy “followers” or “likes” but don’t get results from it?
  • What is the total number of keywords that should be on an article for it to rank in Google?
  • How many words a blog or page on a website has so that it ranks?
  • How many pages should your website have?
  • What is a call to action? How many call to actions should be on your website to get people to email or call you, or better yet, order?
  • How come the last time you tried to invest in marketing, you had 10 different companies offer you 10 different prices and 10 different strategies?

How is your current strategy?

What if you found a place where you get a specifically detailed breakdown of what, why and how to go about your marketing? With a detailed ROI, and realistic expectations.

What if you could be confident that you are on the right track in regards to the marketing of your company and had everything at hand so you could take action with the minimum amount of time?

There is a way you could do this.

Need A New Strategy?

If you are questioning your current marketing strategy allow V12 Strategies the opportunity to help see if it’s the perfect fit for you.

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Are you ready for a change?

There are 3 factors and 12 elements (hence V12) to a fully functional marketing strategy that produces real results. Not knowing this will make your marketing that constant “black hole.” For some, this is the place where you “should” put money but you can’t really see where that money is going.

Where experience matters!

Having worked in the marketing and PR industry for nearly 20 years, I’ve run into the same two issues with every single client. Either they are paying too much for marketing services, and not getting a return, or paying too little to see any progress, but not willing to spend more. The question has always been; who decides the value of a marketing campaign? How do you measure its success? Why do you sometimes find a $10,000.00 dollars difference in price on a marketing project, depending on what company is doing it for you?

I started in the marketing business because I like to see people business succeed. This is the purpose of what I do. But that will only happen if clients know what it really will take to succeed with their marketing. And, how much they should spend in relation to their business’s revenue. I am sure a lot of marketing companies may disagree, but the marketing industry should have a measurable standard as to what a client is paying vs what he is getting. ROI should be clearly laid out, to ensure that marketing companies are delivering results for what they are charging. If you can start with a marketing strategy that works, then you can fully understand where your dollars are going and what your return will be.

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